Career Development Academy is Helping Youth & Early Career Talent Improve Soft Skills for Career Success

Career Development Academy, LLC (CDA) provides career education and soft skills training to youth and early career talent. CDA has a mission to help sustain our economy by providing the next generation of workers with essential skills to navigate in the world of work. 

CDA is dedicated to developing our future workforce with essential skills for career success.

Our future workforce depends on youth having essential skills to thrive and grow. Not investing in youth development has a substantial economic impact. CDA career training programs harness youth and early career leadership skills. 

“When we don’t invest in our youth today, it can contribute to costly problems in our economy, such as violence, early school dropout, and high unemployment” – Niakesha Woodley, CEO Career Development Academy, LLC 

The mission for Career Development Academy is to develop programs tailored to youth and early career talent to advance socio-economic development. 

The framework of CDA’s training programs is centered around the holistic approach to career development. Using real-world applications so students are aware of job and behavior expectations. Students learn the importance of accountability and soft skills needed to grow and thrive in life and career.  

Students gain an understanding of why soft skills are important and how the choices they make today can influence the outcome of their future. 

Workshop Topics Include (not limited to):

  • Time Management
  • Mock Interviews
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership 
  • Workplace Professionalism (Attire & Attitude)
  • Business Communications (Interpersonal & Intercultural)
  • Social Media & Email Etiquette
  • Workplace Ethics

Most Popular & In-Demand

  • Business Dining Etiquette
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • How to Find & Win Scholarships

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